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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Whistleblower Policy

1.        Coverage of this Policy

This policy covers every Christianityworks entity, including:

  1. Good News Broadcasting Association Limited t/a Christianityworks,
  2. Good News Broadcasting Association Cultural Trust,
  3. Good News Trust India,
  4. Christianityworks Inc USA,
  5. Christianityworks NPC South Africa, and
  6. Any additional entity that may be created or added to the group over time.

These entities together are referred to in this policy as “Christianityworks”.

2.      Preamble

It is a legislative requirement within Australia, for Christianityworks to have a Whistleblower Policy.

Christianityworks is a Christian ministry that operates with the intent of maintaining the highest standards of integrity, decency and respect for the Lord our God and for all people.

This standard is higher than what may generally be considered acceptable within society at large because the Word of God – the 66 books of the Bible – is the standard by which we operate and by which our behaviour, both corporate and individual, is measured.

3.      Transparency and Accountability

To that extent, every Board member, staff member, volunteer and contractor is accountable for his or her behaviour under God. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Honouring God in all things, both in our ministry roles and personal lives.
  2. Being kind, generous, loving, decent, respectful and honest in our dealings with one another, our supporters, our ministry partners, suppliers and those who benefit from the work of the ministry.
  3. Abiding by the Christianityworks Statement of Faith, which is publicly available on the Christianityworks website, and forms part of each staff member’s employment contract.
  4. Abiding by the law of the land in all matters.
  5. Dealing honestly and ethically in all matters, including financial.

A full statement of requirements is provided in the Christianityworks Code of Conduct.

We believe that God both requires and honours our holiness in all things. And to this end, transparency and mutual accountability are the basic tenets of all that we do.

Nobody is exempt from this, irrespective of their position in the ministry.

4.      What is a Whistleblower?

In the event that any Board member, staff member, contractor or volunteer becomes aware of an act or omission of one or more Board members, staff members, contractors or volunteers that contravenes what is expected of them as set out in Clause 3 above, it is incumbent upon them to raise the matter with that individual, both in a timely manner and in love, to have it resolved as quickly as possible.

If the matter is not resolved, or if it is particularly egregious (e.g. dishonesty, theft, sexual abuse, harassment) then it is incumbent on the individual identifying the failure, irrespective of their perceived status within the ministry, to escalate the matter as soon as practicable with the next level of leadership above the person who is perceived to be at fault.

In other words, with the CEO or if needs be, with the Board of Christianityworks, irrespective of the status or position of the person alleged to have committed an offence. If the matter is not resolved in a timely manner with the first level of management, then it must be escalated to the next level of management.

In the event that there is prima facie evidence that the law may have been broken, then the act or omission concerned must be reported as soon as possible to the police or other relevant authority.

This should ordinarily be done by Christianityworks’ leadership. However, if the leadership fails to do so in a timely manner commensurate with the nature of the alleged offence, then it is incumbent on the person who has raised the matter to report it directly to the police or other relevant authority, if in their sincere opinion an offence may have been committed.

This reporting upwards to management and/or outwards to police or other relevant authorities, of significant failures to adhere to the Biblical and legal standards of the ministry respectively, is the action referred to as “whistleblowing”.

5.      Protection of Whistleblowers

Except under the provisions set out in Clause 6 below, a whistleblower will not suffer any adverse action as a result of bringing matters to the attention of management, the Board, the police or other relevant authorities.

To the contrary. It is the responsibility of each person who forms a part of the ministry of Christianityworks to raise and if needs be, escalate, any act or omission which contravenes the standards set out in this Policy.

Any person who is part of the ministry of Christianityworks will be afforded every protection from any adverse consequences against them as a result of their actions as a whistleblower.

6.      Knowingly False or Malicious Acts

The one exception to the protections afforded to whistleblowers under Clause 5 of this Policy, is if an allegation is made that is knowingly either false or malicious.

In such a case, the person or persons making the allegation will be subject to normal disciplinary procedures.


This policy was endorsed and enacted by Christianityworks Board resolution on 19 December 2019.